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Rocky Mount, VA


The gent who services my Toro lawn mower has no time for ethanol, blaming it for any number of issues that can arise. Because I use regular gasoline (with "up to 10% ethanol" in it) in my mower, he recommended Liquid Performance ethanol equalizer to protect the engine. I find that it has prolonged the life of my mower and saved me from having to replace the carburetor.

- Dr. K

Recommended by the motorcycle dealer and I used it in both my motorcycle and my truck and an improved and fixed issues with poor quality gas or old gas

- Rebecca

I swear by this product and have used it exclusive to all others. I'll never use anything else after seeing the insdie of my own ATV carb and engine before and after a single use. It looked brand new after running a bottle thorugh a 5 gallon tank of fuel. Not a spot of varnish on the carb body or needles. Even the intake manifold looks like I had just installed it. All hesitation was gone, that bike ran like I had rebuilt it.

I use it in everything from my 2-cycle lawn equipment to my twin turbo BMW. This stuff is amazing!

- Linuxian G.

I'm impressed, it works well and only takes a fraction of other fuel conditioners.

- Jeri Fried

I've been around racing and hot rods along time and this product is the best! My HP engine started running better within the first 5 miles after adding to 93 octane pump gas!

- Walter Tydings

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