M Carnelli
The guys at Liquid Peformance were great and I really love the products especially the Poly Wax. The new Ethanol Equalizer fixed the water issue.
John & Rhonda B.
Cary, NC
I purchased Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer through Pro Detailer Direct.com and wanted to let everyone that I am thoroughly impressed with this product and the prompt service I received from this company. For once I have purchased a product that did what it claims it will do. I purchased a 4 ounce bottle of Ethanol Equalizer and put half in my car and half in my wife's car and both of us have experienced amazing results. Both cars start better idle smoother have better throttle response and we both have seen an increase in fuel mileage. Thanks Liquid Performance and Pro Detailer Direct.com for making and selling great products , we will be repeat customers.
C Fegert
North Carolina
The Ethanol Equalizer I purchased for my truck was amazing. I have tried Sea Foam and other additives, but this product works without any smoke or detonation and I am getting about 2 miles to the gallon more per tank! Great stuff.

S Kirkpatrick
Ethanol Equalizer was a great fix for my '67 vette. It sits for long periods of time and a half bottle of this really worked to solve the problems I experienced with condensation and other water and ethanol related issues. I love this stuff.